Frequently Asked Questions

Keen to find out if EG private debt is for you? Take a look at a number of our responses to frequently asked questions to learn more about EG’s private debt.

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EG targets returns between 8% – 12% per annum. 

Average returns are variable, adjusted to the risk of the loan and cash rate set by the Reserve Bank of Australia.


Typical loan sizes offered to borrowers will be between $8 to $30 million. 

EG private debt targets investments with a 50-75% loan-to-value ratio. 

Loan terms will typically be between 6 to 36 months. 

Funds invested by wholesale investors and family offices are secured as a first-registered mortgage to safeguard investors. 

EG’s sandbox investments provide loans for the following: 

  1. High-end residential properties in Sydney and Melbourne, and
  2. Industrial properties on the eastern seaboard in established locations  


Wholesale investors, including family offices, who seek to grow their wealth through debt investments.  

Wholesale investors who qualify for EG’s private debt require $2.5 million (AUD) in net assets or have earned more than $250,000 (AUD) per annum for the past two years. 

$250,000 (AUD) 

Our investors will receive monthly distributions.

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About Us

EG invests and develops real estate on behalf of institutional investors and private wealth clients to generate outstanding returns and lasting positive social impact. 

The leading independent funds management firm specialises in Australian real estate. Founded in 2000, EG has grown rapidly by investing in real estate to generate a track record of 16.7% p.a. in realised IRR.

EG Private Wealth is part of EG Funds, offering wholesale investors bespoke property debt and equity opportunities. The team adopts the same disciplined rigour applied to institutional investors, combined with the agility and hunger of an entrepreneur to maximise returns. 

EG offers wholesale investors and family offices the opportunity to syndicate funds, which are offered as short-term loans for Msquared Capital’s borrowers that seek to acquire high-end residential property and industrial sites across the eastern seaboard of Australia. The investment is secured by the real estate acquired as a first-registered mortgage to safeguard funds and target returns of 9%+ to grow the wealth of investors. 

EG’s network of wholesale investors will be offered the opportunity to invest in private debt. The funds raised will be provided as a non-bank loan for quality real estate and industrial sites across the eastern seaboard of Australia. 

EG’s proprietary investment platform, PRISMS®, will also assist the team in applying an equity and debt lens on each prospective loan. The platform will assess risks on the property and credit quality of the borrower to safeguard investor funds. 

Non-bank lender Msquared Capital has an extensive network of borrowers and brokers to offer flexible, competitive, and tailored loan solutions secured as first-registered mortgages.

EG’s PRISMS® platform separates us from those within the market. The platform’s extensive data, which has been collected for over 20 years, ensure that comprehensive assessments take place to identify risks, assess credit quality and apply an equity lens on the prospective loan.  

EG can also bring its real estate equity expertise to provide an alternative view, whilst our in-house rezoning, development and asset management skills offer the ability to work through the assets if we are handed back the keys.